Arctic Survival and Jungle Survival

Sometimes, reading about adventures won’t do the trick. We need to get out there. These two books will give you a basic understanding of survival on both the practical and psychological level. Arctic Survival and Jungle Survival is a compilation of two books. The first, Arctic Survival, was a pamphlet approved by the American Air Ministery and was a mandatory part of the emergency packs on military planes operating in the Arctic in the 1950′. As you might have guessed, it is all about survival, keeping warm, and optimize the chances of being found in time. In the Arctic your worst enemy is yourself. Panicking and bad decisions due to stress can be fatal, and this book will teach how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

How to build an iglo
How to build iglos

In the second book, Jungle Survival, your worst enemy is dangerous animals. You will learn how to deal with snakebites, mosquitos, and find food.

Download the two books here in one PDF file:

 Arctic Survival and Jungle Survival

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